Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Bee!

Ok, I haven't wrote on here in a long time, I admit it! Busy, busy, busy bee!

Blood Drive- It went super! A lot of people, tons of pictures, good goodies! Speaking of goodies I raised at least $650.00 from my bake sale! I didn't really know that I would raise that much money! I really hope that I can raise more next year, you never know though! We totaled 44 units of blood too! That totally helped those little children in the hospital, THANK YOU LORD!
I have been whipping up a lot of coupons lately. I cannot tell you how much we have just saved in one week! My family has saved over 50% of our tickets this week alone! This week starting today (Sunday) I will be posting more about couponing and how to save money in tough situations. Tips on how to get started:
  • Buy at least 2 papers each week (you never know when some deal may come up)
  • Keep a coupon booklet, like a binder, by while you are shopping (so then you have all your stuff right in front of your eyes)
  • When you are getting ready to check out pick the right cashier (like a young man or somebody that is smiling:) so that you wont have to be there forever
  • Always keep your eyes open for great deals!

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