Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cuddles for the Heart

On Thursday of last week we had a major snow/ice storm! I mean we are talking huge flakes of snow! That means we were out of school for 2 days!! Whooo! "Ok, Maddie just get to the point of what you are going to say, stop bragging that were out of school, OK?" Anyway, I am writing to tell a little about the ice storm as you can see and to talk about a program that I have started up in Oklahoma! It is called "Cuddles from the Heart" you may of heard it before. Its a program where people from Oklahoma or wherever want to donate new blankets for children ( birth to teen) in the hospital that have Congenital Heart Defects! Pretty cool huh? I hope we can put a smile on lots of those children's faces. I will be collecting blankets throughout the year but on September 12 (Maverick's birthday) we will be taking the blankets up to the hospital to the children! If you want to donate or want more information on "Cuddles from the Heart" contact me at

There is 12 more day's until the "Art from the Heart"- Maverick Memorial Event!! I am so excited, I will be having a bake sale so I will be baking up a storm! I will be having a count down on my blog till that day! I am sure my family will be making awareness of Congenital Heart Defects! If you want to bake anything feel free to do so, just contact me first so I will know what I have! I know New Years is already over but I have another New Years Resolution and it is to be writing on here a lot more like maybe everyday or every other day! Well have to see!

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