Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Funeral

Well, yesterday was the funeral... it was very said if you ask me. I wish I would of got one more chance to just say "I love you Uncle Roy, you know you can beat this lung cancer". Thanks to all the people who came and supported my family. One of our friends that owns one of the funeral places estimated that there was well over 1,200 people! That's a lot! Our church is huge, and every room downstairs that people could be in, was filled. And plus upstairs was filled with people too! When everybody got to see him at the end before we went out to the cemetery, was our last chance to say bye. On our way to the cemetery there was over miles of people behind us following. The police station wanted to show respect so there was a lot of police cars in front of us, and every busy road we drove by there was police officers blocking the streets off for all of our family and friends. After that my aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, 3 of my cousins, and my family went to The Delta to eat. It was very good! Then we came home and cooked dinner for one of our friends that just had a baby, he was so sweet!! That night I was thinking about what our Preacher said on Sunday, that Christmas isn't about the gifts, it is about Jesus, and giving to people. I have been thinking about that even before our Church Service on Sunday. God can help you through anything, and that is the truth. This blog isn't supposed to be about sadness, or depression, I wanted it to be for people that may need help getting through the same things we have gone through. That same night, we were looking at videos of last year when we were at the hospital (it was Christmas) and I was opening his gifts for Maverick. It is so hard to believe its almost been a year since then. But I know that it is getting closer when I can see my precious heavenly father, my uncle, and my precious baby brother. Oh how I can not wait until that day comes!! But right now all I got to do is wait and have a good time, but know that I will have a better time in heaven. Post more later and pics!!

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